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Mariah’s Story

Diagnosed with osteosarcoma when she was 2, Mariah is now entering her senior year at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. Time to Fly will mark 19 years since her first round of chemotherapy. After undergoing hospitalizations, painful treatment and amputation surgery, Mariah is now cancer free and raising awareness for childhood cancer research.> Read More

Griffin’s Story: Conquering Fear

Every time Jill arrived at the hospital for her 8-year-old son Griffin’s chemotherapy treatment, she posted signs and drawings on the blank hospital room walls. One sign hung above Griffin’s bed and his IV pole: “Griffin Strong.” it said. This is one of the mottos that Griffin and his family have carried with them since the beginning of Griffin’s journey with Ewing sarcoma.> Read More

Isaac’s Story: Taking Life by Storm

As 11-year-old Isaac lay in the hospital recuperating from chemo, he could sense his younger sister was worried. “Sissy, don’t worry,” he told her. “I’m not going down without a fight.”> Read More

Danny’s Story: Giving in Spite of Chemo

In September of 2015, Danny’s parents, Jackie and Paul, noticed that their son was extremely tired, severely depressed and that dark spots were appearing on his scalp. They knew something wasn’t right. On September 22, their family received the devastating news that Danny was diagnosed with high risk t-cell lymphoblastic leukemia.> Read More

Lexyn’s Story: Creeping Uncertainty

“Amongst our day-to-day life lies uncertainty. Whether we like it or not, it’s become a part of our daily existence. Amidst the days we tend to let our guard down, the uncertainty tends to creep back up; it has an odd way of reminding us that it has no intentions of leaving.”> Read More

Dexter’s Story: “Everyone is here for you.”

At 9 years old Dexter developed a bump on his head. "My mom just kept thinking I was hitting my head, because I don't use the ladder on my bunk bed," says Dexter. It was when the bump started growing near his jaw that Dexter's mom, Jen, knew something wasn't quite right. > Read More

Brooklyn’s Story: Tough Beyond Her Years

Three-year-old Brooklyn wears colorful, patterned leggings and never leaves home without slipping on at least one purple item of clothing (in addition to her bright purple shoes). Along with reading Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, watching Frozen and playing with her kitchen set, she also thinks chemo shots, sedation and blood draws are just part of growing up…> Read More

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