Your Donation At Work

A cure for cancer begins with a researcher’s bold idea. Children’s Cancer Research Fund is the champion for bold research that leads to groundbreaking cures for childhood cancer and other deadly diseases that affect children.

Our unique entrepreneurial approach turns every dollar invested into $18 in additional national funding, by backing research teams world renowned for innovative approaches. Together, we are changing the way childhood cancer is treated worldwide.

Our partners – researchers and doctors that we support – are not only aggressively developing research aimed at understanding the causes of childhood cancer and developing novel ways to treat it, but are delivering exceptional care to young patients.

Through our investment in cures, we’re making big strides for children with cancer. Here are some of the recent discoveries donations to Children’s Cancer Research Fund made possible:

  • A brain tumor vaccine was opened to childhood cancer patients as part of a clinical trial to curb the deadliest form of childhood cancer.
  • Discovered that leukemia patients receiving two units, vs. the previous standard of one unit, of umbilical cord blood in a bone marrow transplant were less likely to relapse.
  • Found that childhood cancer survivors are at greater risk for cardiovascular disease and need diligent monitoring of their heart health.
  • Delivered more than 5,000 hours of quality-of-life support to patients and their families through our Care Partners program.
Why should you join us at Time to Fly?

Because… a child should never have to spend part of his/her childhood fighting cancer in a hospital, instead of on the playground with friends.

Because… when other doctors say, “There’s nothing else we can do.”, our doctors say, “We have an idea.”

Because… the ONLY way we will find a cure for childhood cancer is through research. Period.

Because… the discoveries that Children’s Cancer Research Fund makes possible, have an impact not only on the treatment of childhood cancers, but also on adult cancers, genetic diseases, diabetes and even heart disease.

Because… without a community of committed champions – like our Time to Fly participants – new discoveries that save young lives would simply not be possible.

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If you have any questions regarding Time to Fly, please feel free to contact us at 952-893-9355 or

If you would like to mail your donation, please print and fill out this form and send with a check to:
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